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Hope for the Hopeless - Sarah Frazier

"Hi, my name is Sarah, and I wanted to share my story of recovery with you today.

At one point, I would drink a bottle of Vodka every day to cover up the hopelessness and despair that I felt all the time. I felt like I would not be able to reach the age of 30 due to how much I drank and all of the horrible feelings I felt, and it wasn’t until I got into an accident and ended up in jail that I was able to confront my alcoholism.

I ended up in recovery because I couldn’t stop drinking even though my life depended on it and it was there that I was able to find happiness, peace, and a sense of purpose that I had lost.

I am happy to say that my life has completely changed and I am 4 years sober now. I just graduated community college and got into Cornell University!"


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