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Peace and Positivity - Michael Raymond

"Hello, my name is Michael Raymond. Real quick, I went to UCF as an undergrad and I was a big part of “The Minor That’s Major” there and shadowed Professor Buckstein in the Sports Business Club.

I’m now at Miami Law in my second year of law school. I have recently just started Raymond Representation, which is an athlete/talent management group, and honestly I’m just looking to make a real big impact and make some change, and just spread peace and positivity to everyone that surrounds me and my friend group.

If you know me, you know that I’m a very positive person and that I like to spread positivity and motivation throughout anyone that comes around me.

I’m really just trying to help others and continue to build my personal brand. I think everyone should just try to excel in the uncertainty and love it because everything in life is uncertain.

Wake up everyday and be curious: curious to make money, curious to start businesses and curious to do other things and remain positive. I hope everyone does well in the second half of the year and stays strong!"


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