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Inspiration, Passion, Diversity, Respect, Empathy, Connection

Our mission is to use our platform to enable individuals to share their stories with the world and inspire those in our community going through similar journeys.


Hi, I am
Michael C. Onuchovsky.

After feeling lost for a while during my undergrad years, I realized that creating Minute In My Shoes would provide a safe space to uplift each other as life can be very lonely at times. The need for this only grew as we became physically and socially isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the traditional news and media tend to highlight negative and controversial topics, our community uplifts each other with encouragement and inspiration while having the comfort of knowing that others are going through a similar journey.

Share your journey with us!

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This is an opportunity to brand yourself to the world. Tell us what made you who you are today.


Stories are what make the world go round. Don't miss the opportunity to tell your own. 


Join a group of people who share your same passion for telling stories. Go to the connect page for the guidelines.


Go to our Instagram and Facebook to check out stories by other people. 

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