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Finding a Balance - Marisa McCarty

"Hi, my name is Marisa McCarty and I’m excited to take you on a minute journey of my life.

So, I just graduated from UCF with a major in marketing and a focus in professional selling with a minor in leadership studies. I loved my time at UCF and was super involved in my community while I was there. I loved being a part of the college of business and I was a part of several different groups.

I was able to make pretty big impactful changes to the college of business, while simply immersing myself in that community.

In addition to that, I will be going into software at Austin, Texas in a company called VMware. I’m super excited to hopefully find a community that will be similar to the college of business and one that I can make an impact in there.

Outside of my professional life, I love hiking. I love working out. I’m Brazilian, so I love discovering new cultural foods. I love Brazilian food, so hopefully I will find a Brazilian presence in Austin.

I’m really excited to just get involved in the community and make new friends and hopefully impact Austin, Texas the same way I was able to impact Orlando. Thank you so much!"


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