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Change Brings Opportunity - Neville Scott

"Neville here, this is a Minute In My Shoes!

I was an excellent student growing up just until adolescence came knocking on my door, transforming me into a very defiant and troubled teenager. The aftermath of this led me into some sort of failing spree, unfortunately my adolescence induced fallacy convinced me to accept this mediocrity as my newly formed truth.

Well, what happened after that in 2017, I had a death scare.

This forced me out of my trance and allowed me to view life from a different light. It is what inspired me to move to the United States for a fresh start.

This move did not just automatically dismantle the true beliefs that piled up over the years. That’s where Phi Theta Kappa comes into the story. It introduced me to the individuals who would become my friends, mentors, advisors, and most importantly, accountability partners. The family of people who enabled me to unlearn patterns which made me believe I wasn’t enough. Truth is, I still fail today, but I hardly fail twice."


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