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Our Fall Newsletter

Brett's Story

"About 5 years ago I was sitting with another new therapist, who was going to change my life, but I was skeptical. I would go in like "Oh, what are you gonna tell me that's gonna change my life this time." Really what happened is that I was sitting down with her and she asked me "What's your biggest issue?" ... She asked me a few more questions and then she showed me Borderline Personality Disorder... I never wanted to truly kill myself but I can tell you that I never not had suicidal thoughts prior to being properly diagnosed..."

Read more of Brett's story on the Minute In My Shoes Blog


What's New?

Minute In My Shoes is excited to announce our new and improved merchandise line! Our inventory includes several types of apparel as well as some homeware accessories. Our organization’s core values include positivity, empathy, and we have recently begun focusing on men’s mental health. We have included a new design in the shop to promote this new target.


September is

National Suicide

Prevention Month




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