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Greetings! If you’re receiving this newsletter, then you’re probably familiar with the basis of Minute In My Shoes. Today, however, we will dive deeper into our mission and how we hope to achieve it.

The ultimate mission of Minute In My Shoes is to uplift, encourage, and inspire others by providing a platform for individuals to share their stories with the world. We hope that by sharing these stories, others will recognize that they are not alone...that someone else, somewhere in the world, has gone through a similar journey and made it out to the other end. With this mission in mind, we hope to foster the growth of an incredible community that radiates not only positivity, but encourages self-reflection and meaningful conversation amongst its members.  We are an up and coming community, currently on most major social media platforms, and we are hoping that, with your help, we can grow into something great. Improved content creation, revamping of aesthetics, brand establishment, increased frequency of posts. All of the following are objectives that we are working on to provide you with a better MIMS experience. One of those objectives requires your help. Improved content creation is something we have been especially focusing on for the past few weeks. We cannot, however, pursue this goal without you. We need you to share your story and encourage others that you know to share theirs as well. Either being featured in a Minute video or in written form (if that is your preferred style or in the case that you would prefer anonymity), we want you to come forward and share.  Daily tasks that you may consider menial or irrelevant show how each aspect of your day amounts to your weeks, months, years...your life. Whether it’s something small, or something massive, your life--your story--is worth sharing. With all of that in mind, here’s our call to action for you: Share your story! Recommend to your friends and family to share their story!  Everyone’s story is worth sharing. Warm regards, The MIMS Team (P.S. Sharing is caring...isn’t that what we were always told when we were little. Share your story. You’d be surprised how helpful it can be for someone in need.)


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