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You Can Accomplish It - Amadou Camara

"Hello everyone, my name is Amadou Camara and I am originally from Guinea, a West African country.

When I landed in America seven years ago, I didn’t know how to speak English. I struggled with the language, getting acclimated to the culture, and going back to school.

Despite all the obstacles I have been through in my life, I was able to go back to school and I currently attend Thomas Jefferson University College of Architecture. I received a bunch of scholarships that have helped get me through my education. As well, I currently volunteer with the United Service Organization, Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity which helps build housing for low income families.

I just want people to know that reflecting back on when I got to America and didn't know how to speak English to today, when I am very proud of all the major accomplishments that I have done.

Through passion and love, you can accomplish anything you would like to in this world. Thank you, stay safe. Peace and Love."


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